Groping Hands

Martin, 21 - Groping Hands

Martin, 21 – Groping Hands

He might be dressed up as a sweet innocent schoolboy but East European Martin is keen to earn some cash after doing a year of conscript military service back home.

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Wayne, 29 - Groping Hands

Wayne, 29 – Groping Hands

Sporty Wayne is another ‘happy to please’ East European Army conscript on the look out for cash. We think he fits the bill as a smooth-bodied footballer with a lean, hard body, probably developed from months of tough military service.

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Maurice, 21 - Groping Hands

Maurice, 21 – Groping Hands

Ex squaddie Maurice is a hit with his no boundaries attitude, but we were extra eager to maul him after we found out he had just got married – What else could we do but ask him to wear his full wedding suit as if we’d just stolen him out of his limo on his way to the honeymoon. Throughout the session a perplexing mixture of

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