June 2013

Mikey, 24 - Friday Nite Solo

Friday Nite Solo – Mikey, 24

I’ve gotta say a BIG thanks to everyone sending in their horny snaps for the Friday Nite Solo – Check out Mikey!

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Monday Military Guy

Monday Military Guy

VIDEO: Russian Spetsnaz vs USA Para Rescue

Commando Knock Out Challenge – ‘USA’ Vs ‘The World’ – Incredibly exciting fight. The US Para-rescue is on the US Air Force boxing team. The Russian has never boxed before, just Commando training.

Friday Nite Solo - Kris

Friday Nite Solo – Kris, 23

I thought after last weeks gorgeous marine, Brett, that it’d be a few weeks before such another sexy specimen would grace my desktop – thankfully I was wrong…

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VIDEO: Marine Wank & Cum

Short, but sweeeeeet…

VIDEO: Inspring – Alex Minsky

A 24 year old US Marine who lost his leg in a near-fatal accident in Afghanistan has landed a new career as a male model.

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Monday Military Guy


Brett, 22 - Friday Night Solo

Friday Nite Solo – Brett, 22

One word – WOW! Tonight’s Friday nite solo is not only buff, hot and ink mad, but he has a dick that would give anyone jaw ache for life… It’s a monster!

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VIDEO: Squaddie Stars

Monday Military Guy


Friday Nite Solo - Chris, 25

Friday Nite Solo – Chris, 26

Tonight’s Friday nite solo is ink mad – Chris may only be 26 years old, but he’s already sporting tats across his whole body, including his dick!¬

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VIDEO: Squaddie & I Know It